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Hey guys!

It looks like I have joined the ranks of those with so much time on their hands that they need to espouse their awesomeness over text as well as speech….

Or I was just jealous of Bill, one of the two.

So this is gonna be where I talk about all kinds of things hobby related. Mostly, I’m gonna talk about what I’ve been up to and we will have work in progress updates on my Daemons as well as the painting and such that I have been doing on my Wolves/Marines/BA/BT/whatever.  I’ve been doing a lot of things hobby related lately. I started off this week by spending most of friday night working on my Wolves for the upcoming Ironman Las Vegas. I had recently converted up another Model to count as a 2nd Lord on a mount. This one is using the Wolfclaw and Stormshield. So he needed to get painted and as I was on a time crunch, I figured I would just give it a shot instead of having Wacom do it again. So I spent a while working on him, I also needed a 2nd Dreadnaught and 2 more drop pods, and another set of heavy bolters for my Razorbacks. So I started working on all of those.

Wait, I need to backtrack here. Over the last two weeks all of my daemon models had come in. The night this happened I was so damned excited I ripped it all open and started working on things (even knowing I had a ton of work to get ready for Ironman). So I built one of the new Daemon Prince models (SUCH a great kit, tons of bits, nice extra peices, lots of options), and got about 70% of my Soul Grinder done. The best part of this is that neither of those two models will be part of my early lists for the Escalation leauge, they just looked like the most fun to work on.

Usually when I’m painting or modeling, I sit in front of the TV on the ground and just have a box in front of me. This has turned out badly in the past (roommate is not happy about the spilled wash on his throw rug), and I got a new Halogen Lit Tabletop Magnifying Glass for Christmas, so I decided to make myself a workspace. I cleared off a bunch of space around my computer monitor and set up my paints and such there. I have found that this has increased my willingness to paint by 100 fold. I wouldn’t say that its the most enjoyable part of the hobby for me, or that I’ll give up playing to just paint stuff, but its kinda fun to see things develop as you work.

So, with my new workstation, and a bunch of things that needed to be done, I got to work. I started and finished the Dreadnaught, the Wolf Lord, 2 Fenrisian Wolves, both drop pods, and started working on my objective markers. Once everything got painted, I realized that I needed to take another step I had dreaded and start basing my models. In the past I had prepared for this and bought all the supplies i  would need. So I dug it all out and watched a couple of videos on YouTube.

I wanna speak on this really quick. Having my computer right there to play podcasts, music, tv, and to look up techniques whenever I want them is one of the reasons I think I’m doing so much more hobby work. You know, that and the looming tournament, but I digress. I’ve had people explain everything about painting to me, from how to drybrush, to how to make your own washes, to how to greenstuff effectivly. And while I appreciate all that, I’m big on being walked through something the first time I do it. So, since I was working on basing my models, I loaded up youtube and searched for basing models. I knew I was going to do a PVA and sand base, with a wash over it and maybe a drybrush over that. So I watched a few videos on that style of basing. I know a lot of people recommend watering down the PVA, but I noticed a few of the guys didn’t do that, and since I don’t have a ton of plastic cups and such around, I decided to skip that step. So I started basing everything, or well, everything I was going to use at Ironman, and my Cav. Once I got them based, and dried, I applied a nice Devlin Mud wash over the top of the black sand to seal it and really bring out the depth of the sand. This is all I was originally intending to do at this point.

Knowing that one of the (many) reasons my army has scored badly in painting in the past is because its a very dark color scheme, I decided to see if I could do a fix to that. The BadDice Podcast had done an episode on basing your models a few weeks back, and something they said stuck with me. They recommended painting the edge of your bases a seperate color from the basing material, something to seperate it from the table, and make the army look that much more cohesive. So, realizing that my army is super dark, doesn’t appear that cohesive due to the paint scheme and lack of uniform models, and because of my painting style I immediatly thought of this trick. I decided to paint the edges of the base Mithril Silver, something to tie it a bit more with the DeathWatch Theme. I did a few test peices and was really happy with the result. So I sat down and painted everything that had been based.

Last night, I decided to do a few more small touches to the army while I was seperating out my squads for the League tonight. I washed the treads of all my razorbacks with a thin coat of Devlin Mud to dirty them up a bit. I really wanted to get everything for my 2k list based and edged, but I ended up watching TV a bit too long, so that didn’t happen.

So, pics will be up in next few days (hopefully), and I’ll try and keep this thing up to date. Hope yall liked the first post, more random shit to come.


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