40k League – Game 3 vs Nids

So last night was the 3rd week in my 40k league at Game Empire. I want to give a big shout out to Shane for coming up with the league and being patient and understanding with players that don’t read or keep up with his rules and scenarios. Even if he is in the middle of moving his army, he won’t hesitate to answer a question, he also has the ability to not sound flustered by stupid questions. So, with that we continue to the bat-rep.

My opponent was one I had played before. Good guy, his name was Dave and he brought his Nids.

His list (What I remember at least):

  • Hive Tyrant – Wings, Old Adversary, Lash Whip, Bone Sword, Paroxsysm(SP?)
  • Hive Tyrant – Wings, Hive Commander, Scything Talons x2
  • 3 Zoes in a Sport Pod
  • 6(?) Ymgrrl Genestealers
  • 6 Genestealers + a Broodlord (no upgrades)
  • 6 Genestealers (no upgrades)
  • 6 Genestealers (no upgrades)
  • 10(?) Gargoyles – Poison, furious charge
  • 20 hormagaunts – poison, furious charge
  • Deathleaper
  • Trygon
  • Harpy

My list was similar to last weeks. I had so much fun with Arjac that I brought him again.

  • Wolf Lord – Frostblade, Mount, Stormshield, Wolftooth Necklace, Runic Armor, Saga of Majesty
  • Wolf Lord – Wolfclaw, Mount, Stormshield, Saga of the Beastslayer, Runic Armor
  • Dreadnaught – Multi-Melta, Heavy Flamer – Drop Pod
  • Dreadnaught – Multi-Melta, Heavy Flamer – Drop Pod
  • Arjac, Dual WC Termie, TH+SS Termi, SB+PW Termie, 3 Powerfist+Combi Melta Wolfguard
  • 5 Grey Hunters- Banner, Melta, Standard, TL Assault Cannon Back
  • 5 Grey Hunters – Banner, Melta, Standard, TL Heavy Bolter Back
  • 5 Grey Hunters – Banner, Melta, Standard, TL Heavy bolter Back
  • Land Speeder – Multi-Melta
  • 2 Thunderwolf Cav – 2 Stormshields, Powerfist

My list is super anti-mech, and I drew a big bug list. Not my best matchup and I knew the Wolflords would have to bring it home really. He wins the choice to go first and elects to let me go first. Game is 3 objectives. At the end of each game turn, the objectives are worth 1 point each, except for the objective in your opponents deployment. If you control that objective, you score 2 points. So 4 points total a round. You get to place the objective in your opponents deployment zone.  I put his objective out in the middle of open terrain, and he placed mine up on a hill to my left. Middle objective went right in the middle of the board in a big piece of ruins. I shouuld note at this point that his entire army is scoring, as is mine, minus the vehicles and ICs.

My deployment was pretty standard. With 3 drop pods I knew I could contest any objective I needed to, so I threw a Bolterback on my objective, a bolterback to my right, and my AssBack in the middle. Cav went just to the right of the middle, and the speeder went behind the bolterback on my right.

His deployment was interesting. He deployed the Harpy in front of the 2 Tyrants, behind a line of gargoyles for a ton of cover, put his gaunts in a building to his left right across from the cav and then infiltrated all 3 genestealer squads. 2 got within 12 by being out of line of sight. 3rd squad was half in, half out right at the 18″ mark, to my left. All 3 squads where threatening the middle and I knew a big fight was gonna go down there. His Trygon was all the way to his right almost and headed straight for my objective. He chose not to steal and off we went.

My turn 1 – I drive my assault cannon back 12 into the ruins to capture the middle objective poping smoke. I also move the speeder 12 into the terrain and roll 1, immobilizing it, but it is contesting. The Cav move forward a bit, my bolter back on my right jockeys about 4 inches to the left to take shots at the gaunts, killing 1. I drop my pod with Arjac right on his objective. My dread should have been right next to it, but it drifted back 11 inches and ended closer to mine then his. Both Ajrac and the Dread roll 1s for shooting. My bolterback on my left doesnt move and takes shots at gargoyles, killing 1. The cav move forward like an inch in the run and I pass.

His turn 1 – He assaults the middle assback and the immobile speeder, wrecking the speeder and doing nothing to the back. Moves the army forward a bit. Paroxsysm(sp?) hits Arjac”s squad and I’m reminded how much I wish he had a wolftail Talisman. He assaults Arjac with the Gargoyles and the gaunts, wiping the squad before the gargoyles even get to go, and assaults the pod with the Harpy, blowing it up. His other tyrant moves towards my objective and he passes the turn. Score is 1 to 1 at this point, with him scoring his and me scoring mine with us both contesting the center.

My turn 2 – I move the cav forward. I tank shock 3 squads with my assault cannon back. The special rules for this league cause his squads to each take d3 str 6 hits, this kills 1 stealer and 2 gargoyles. My assault back is now near his objective and puts 3 wounds on the harpy. I move my bolter back 12 into contest the center objective. I attempt to move my other back like 2″ just so it would have moved and it immobilizes itself. And fails to put the remaining wound on the harpy. My other dread doesnt come in. The cav run and get into position to multi-assault the stealers and gaunts. During the assualt my Claw Lord takes 2 wounds on the 2 up armor (Out of like 4), both squad members take a wound, and the other lord takes one. I then retaliate and slay all but the Broodlord and like 5 gaunts, including fearless. I also assualt my dread into his other genestealers that assaulted my drop pod last turn and pulled down its stormbolter.

His turn 2 – He has Hive Commander, so I’m expecting to see both of his reserves this turn. His rolls are a 1, a 2, and a 4 for his ymgrrls. I was a bit sad to see them, but they showed up exactly where I expected them, on the center objective. His ymgrrls assult my razorback and do nothing. He brings his 3rd squad of stealers into the assault with the cav. Assaults the Trygon and Hive Tyrant into my drop pod near my objective, and his stealers hit and run from my Dread to consolidate within 3 of my objective to stop me scoring. In the assault, I wipe everything that is on the cav, finishing with just the broodlord left alive and him needing 8 fearless saves. He fails what he needs and the cav have eliminated a huge chunk of his army. His other hive tyrant assults my asscannon back and blows it up, leaving my guys in a crater and wasting some more of his gargoyles, leaving just 1.

My turn 3 – My dread comes in. I use the drop pod to tank shock his stealers on the objective, killing 1. Dread positions to flame the others. Guys in my middle back get out, and my other dread that hit and run, moves up 6 to eat some Ymgrrls. I double tap and flame and kill a few ymgrrls. Dread assualts in and finishes off the squad, consolidating to contest the center. My cav assault the hive tyrant and eat it, the wolfclaw lord getting  upset for being picked on by Deathleaper (-2 leadership), and for all he failed wound rolls. He decides to do the job he was designed for, and puts 3 wounds on the Tyrant killing it. I consolidate the cav to within 3 of the center to score. I assult his Trygon with my dread, hoping to just hold it up for a turn, forgetting that he can just hit and run, which he does after immobilizing it and ripping off both arms….

His turn 3 – With his Hive commander still alive, he needs anything but a 1 for his remaining reserves to come in. Both roll 1s. I am amazed and thankful as I don’t know what I would do about them at this point. He blows up my bolterback with his trygon, and jumps his Harpy into contest. His gargoyle makes its leadership and jumps over to contest his objective, and fails at shooting. His remaing tyrant jumps into my squad killing 4, but taking a few wounds. He hit and runs it out, leaving my powerfist and wulfen still alive, but paroxsysmed. Score is still 1 to 1….

My Turn 4 – My Clawlord breaks to make a run at the trygon, getting within about 14″ after a 6 inch run. My squad blows the remaining gargoyle to bits. My other squad puts 2 wounds on the trygon with meltaguns. My dread kills the harpy with shooting. My drop pod kills the remaiing tyrant with its stormbolter (GO GO STORMBOLTER). At this point, I control his objective and the center, with his Trygon contesting mine.

His Turn 4 – His Hive Commander is dead, so he still needs anything but 1s for his reserves, this time he rolls the anything. The zoes drop down and contest his objective with the pod and the zoes. And Deathleaper pops up shooting my marines and killing the wulfen. The Zoes put 5 wounds on 3 remaining guys that go to ground for 3+ cover. I fail exactly 3 saves, one per guy and lose the squad.  His trygon sweeps in and eats all but my fist, who puts a wound on him and then dies to fearless wounds. At the end of his turn, he is scoring his objective, I am contesting mine with the drop pod, and I am scoring the center objective because Deathleaper is just barely outside of 3 inches. So score is now 2 to 2…

My turn 5 – I assault my Frostblade lord into his trygon, eatting it. I assault the claw lord into his Zoes, dealing 5 wounds, killing 2.5. My dread multi-meltas the spore pod, killing it. And I assault into Deathleaper with my remaining fist, but he dies due to 1 rending wound.

His turn 5 – The only place I have scoring units in on the center objective, and all he has left is Deathleaper and a single Zoe, with a single wound. Deathleaper moves to contest the center for the tie, shooting cav and killing 1, forcing them to fall back 11 inches. He is now scoring the center and I have nothing. Claw lord kills remaining Zoe this turn. Score is now 3 to 2 him.

He elects to allow me to roll to see if the game continues and I roll a 3. Thank god!

My turn 6 – Cav fist auto rallies and moves to contesting range. Dread and Frostblade lord move to kill deathleaper, killing him in assault. I win the game due to tabling. At the end of the game, I have both lords, both dreads, 1 drop pod, 1 cav, and a razorback alive.

Game was long and hard. Started at 6:30 and didn’t end till close to 10:15. Overall, I’m super excited about the fact that the army seems to be succeeding without the 15 missiles, but I can see where they would continue to help me. I may keep messing with Arjac as he scores and for mech armies could be a complete nightmare. Also, having 2 scary units is kinda entertaining. Although I am thinking about dropping Arjac and taking a runepriest in terminator armor to go with some terminator wolf guard. We will have to see.

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