40k League, game 2

Ok, so last Wednesday night I show up to the store and I’m zonked out. I draw Chaos Marines. I ended up having to write a new list cause the one I printed at work, got left at work.

So I’m sitting there staring at my box of stuff, trying to figure out what to take. I knew the game made anything in a transport scoring. So I start flipping around, and I see all my termies and I decided, i’m gonna take Arjac and 4 termies in a pod.


  1. Wolf Lord – Mount, Frostblade, Stormshield, Wolftooth Necklace
  2. Wolf Lord – Mount, Wolfclaw, Stormshield, Saga of the Beast Slayer, Meltabomb
  3. Dreadnaught – Multi-Melta, Heavy Flamer in a Pod
  4. 8 Wolf Guard – 4 Termies (with 1 TH+SS, 2 dual claw, 1 H.Flamer + Chainfist), Arjac, 3 Power Armor (3x Powerfist + Combi-Melta) and a Drop Pod for the Termies.
  5. 5 Grey Hunters – Meltagun, Wulfen, Banner in a TL AssCannon Razorback
  6. 5 Grey Hunters – Meltagun, Wulfen, Banner in a TL H. Bolter Razorback
  7. 5 Grey Hunters – Meltagun, Wulfen, Banner in a TL H. Bolter Razorback
  8. 2 T-Cav – Powerfist, 2x Stormshields
  9. 2 Land Speeders with Multi-Melta

His List

  1. Tzeentch Prince – Wings, Warptime, Gift, Tzeentch Mark
  2. Khorne Lord – Wings, MoKhorne, Daemon Weapon
  3. 10 CSM in a Rhino, Double Plasma, Fist
  4. 10 CSM in a Rhino, Double Plasma, Fist
  5. Dreadnaught – Autocannon
  6. 2 Defilers
  7. 2 4 man bike squads
  8. 6 Raptors – No mark, champ, fist or weapon
  9. TL Las Pred with Las Sponsons

Game objective is to get more scoring (Mobile) units into your opponents deployment zone. Deployment was pitched. Mobile units are anything that has been in a dedicated transport, can move 12 in any phase of the game, and some other random stuff. So, all of my army is scoring, Except the 2 lords cause ICs cant score.

He goes first and sets it all up on his left hand side. I set up my Cav and  the Assault cannon back on my right across from 80% of his army, and my other 2 razorbacks start off way to my left so they can jump across the table and still fire off those 36″ guns.

His turn 1. He immoblizes a BolterBack, and puts 1 wound on the Cav. His Prince and his Raptors move toward my Bolter Backs  and everything else kinda moves up.

My Turn 1. I move my undamaged bolterback up 12, my guys pile out of the immobilized one and scoot towards his deployment. My wolves move up for a turn 1 assault. My asscannonback fails. Arjac Drops in and smashes a battlecannon from a defiler (Btw Arjac dropped into scoring range). My cav assault a squad of bikes and a rhino that moved 12. Fist makes it so Rhino cant move or shoot and my lords wipe the bikes before they get to go.

His turn 2. He Assaults the dread into the cav. The defiler into Arjac. Blows the assault cannons off my razorback, and moves his prince and jump troops closer to my bolterbacks. My fist pops the rhino this time, my lords fail to do anything to the dread. Dread kills my Regular Wolf. I use one of the special rules of the league and use hti and run on my cav to bounce them out. They fall back like 12 inches and I spread them a bit. Arjac Smacks the defiler getting 2 exploded results and conolidates closer to the other defiler.

My turn 2. I split the cav, sending the w.claw lord who only has 1 wound left over to deal with a squad of bikes. I send my other lord and the fist to deal with the raptors. My asscannonback runs up 12 and pops smoke. My bolter back that can still move runs 12 and shoots the prince, putting a wound on it. My guys move a bit more. I assault the bikes and the Raptors. I put my lord on the raptors and my fist on his lord. His lord rolls a 6 and a 1 for the daemon weapon, but makes this safe. My lord kills 5 raptors leaving just the champ and the lord, my fist instagibs the lord and he fails his leadership -8 roll, and I sweep. I move the cav closer to his prince hoping he will assault them. My other lord eats the bikers and consolidates closer to his other stuff. Arjacs squad assaults the defiler, but can only get Lightning claw guys into him. He puts 2 wounds but Arjac and the other TH+SS termie tank it.

His turn 3. He moves the prince closer to my running squad, moves the dread up, moves a rhino up 12. He fails the assault with the prince and his dread runs cause he thought it was scoring.

My turn 3. I shoot the prince to death with h.bolter rounds after running the cav closer to him (Lesson learned, shoot first, run 2nd.) Arjac eats the defiler in assault. My 2nd lord with the claw hits the pred and pops it with a meltabomb.

His turn 4. He moves the dread up again, moves the rhino into scoring. Shoots me a bit. Nothing really happens.

MY turn 4. I drop my dread in next to his dread and the rhino move a speeder over to pop one of them. The all 3 cav head towards the units and the rest of my army moves into scoring distance. I pop the dread with the land speeder, pop the rhino with my dread and assault the contents with my lords and fist. I wipe the squad and conoslidate back towards him. He has a 10 man squad hiding in a building on the second floor.

His turn 5. He shoots me. Kills the Wolfclaw lord.

My turn 5. I run everything into scoring.

I win the game 7 to 0, only failing to get an HQ into scoring (Mostly cause I forgot about it. Remember the mission folks.)

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