League Game – Week 1 (Space Wolves)

So, one of the Local Game Stores runs a league that plays every Wednesday. The league scores on battle points, painting, sports, and conversions. All in all the games there are always fun, opponents are great to play with and always challenging. The fun part with the league is that they use a ton of crazy rules to make the games interesting. Since I’m not sure big on trying to win every game or such and view the leauge as my fun play, the crazy missions and funky rules don’t bug me much.

Since I finally got my 1500 point wolves list painted, based, and ready, I decided to take my wolves. This will also give me incentive to finish the whole army out.

My List (2k Wolves)

  • Wolf Lord – Mount, Frostblade, Stormshield, Wolftooth Necklace, Runic Armor, Wolftail Talisman = 235
  • Wolf Lord – Mount, Wolfclaw, Sotmrshield, Saga of the Beastslayer, Runic Armor, Meltabomb = 230
  • 5 Wolf Scouts – Meltagun, Mark of the Wulfen = 100
  • Dreadnaught – Multi-Melta, Heavy Flamer in a Drop Pod = 150
  • 4 Wolf Guard – 4x Powerfist + Combi-Melta = 172
  • 5 Grey Hunters – Meltagun, Mark of the Wulfen, Banner in a Razorback w/ TL Heavy Bolter = 145
  • 5 Grey Hunters – Meltagun, Mark of the Wulfen, Banner in a Razorback w/ TL Lascannon = 180
  • 5 Grey Hunters – Meltagun, Mark of the Wulfen, Banner in a Razorback w/ TL Assault Cannon = 180
  • 2 Thunderwolf Cavalry – Powerfist, 2 Stormshield = 185
  • 6 Long Fangs – 5 Missile Launchers = 140
  • 6 Long Fangs – 5 Missile Launchers = 140
  • 6 Long Fangs – 5 Missile Launchers = 140

So pretty close to my list I took to NeonCon. Trying out a dual lord approach, drops the amount of wounds in the cav, but ups the killy. And it lets me split them if I need to.

So, I draw Kelly for my first game of the League. Kelly is a very good Vanilla Marines player. He brings a really decent list thats gonna be hard for me to take out.

  • Lysander
  • 5 TH + SS Termies
  • Ironclad in a Pod
  • Dreadnaught
  • Tac Squad with Lascannon, Meltagun, Combi-Melta with TL Bolter Razorback
  • Tac Squad with Lascannon, Meltagun, Combi-Melta with TL Bolter Razorback
  • Land Speeder with Double Heavy Bolters
  • Vindicator
  • Vindicator
  • Land Raider

I don’t think I missed anything, if I did, hopefully Kelly will comment on this.

So I win the roll to go first and decide that since the game is sort of like an objective mission, I’ll go second. The game is “Capture the Grots”, its an interesting conecpt with 5 Grots that are suped up and scatter around the board. To capture a grot you have to assault it. They got on init 10, and have powerweapons, but only 2 attacks and ws 2. They also have a str 4 ap 5(or 6) gun that shoots at the closest enemy. All kind of hijinks ensue. The game doesn’t use any of the special rules for the league so its just a fun game.

Kelly sets up everything in a line 12″ on. His squads split up and his heavy weapons go up a few floors on some Cities of Death Terrain. It looks pretty standard, he hides his Dread behind a building and puts the Land Raider center.  I put my Long Fangs out, hiding on 3 different floors of the buildings in my deployment zone, so I don’t have to stress the Vindis going off on the squad, The cav Line up center of the board with a 2 inch spread so I won’t lose the squad to both vindis, and my razors cluster around some terrain, with the Lascannon back hiding behind the assault cannon back. I attempt to steal and fail. No worries though.

Round 1 is pretty slow for Kelly, he drops the Ironclad in and stuns the AssCanBack. Fires a lascannon at my BolterBack and immobilizes it, and fires another lascannon at the lascannon back and immobilizes it. Vindi 1 fires at the cav and drifts, only hitting one. Kelly rolls the 1 to wound so safe for another turn. I think he also kills a long fang or two this turn. Kelly also assaults and picks up a Grot, consoldating back towards his razorback on the right.

My Round 1 is pretty funny, I drop my dread next to the land Raider and whiff, my cav Move up, my lascannon back fires at land raider, fails to pen, missiles on one side, blow the speeder to bits, missiles on the other side blow off a vindicator cannon ( i think), 3rd set of missiles takes out the walking dread. I fire melta + combi-melta into the rear armor of the Ironclad, get 1 hit, 1 pen and blow off an arm. AssCanBack pops smoke. I decide to push the game and assault the raider with the wolves and the Ironclad with my squad.  The cav fist wrecks the Raider and the squad and dread start a slapfest.

Kelly’s Turn 2 – Vindicator on the right moves to get a shot at the cav, terminators move forward in terrain a bit to get a better assault on the cav, Razorback dumps a squad which fails to melta my Dread3. Vindi on the left moves up to stormbolter my long fangs, and here is where the game gets interesting. Vindicator fires shot on the long fangs, hits and wounds 1. I take the save on my normal guy and fail the 3+ so he goes down to ID. Cav rolls an 11 for Ld and falls back 14 inches. Board edge was about 15.5 inches from where I started. Termies are out of position, rest of his army takes pot shots and not much else happens. Dread and squad slap some more. Squad with the Grot hops in razorback on my right.

My turn 2 – So I check the cav and they are 5.75″ away from the drop pod. So 570 points of my army falls off the board, after only wrecking 250 points of his. My scouts come on, and move up behind his squad in his razorback with the grot. My dread flames and assaults the squad that tried to kill him, whiffing combat but killing 1 with flame. Missiles go off, taking out the Vindi on my right, rest of my army pours into the termies and I do 1 wound to Lysander. (I realize I really need to find some AP2 for this list. And now, all of a sudden, I want plasmacannon razorbacks. Maybe when DA comes?) My squad and his Ironclad slap some more, Wulfen takes the 2nd fist away though. My scouts blow up the razor in the back with the grot, but I forget to assault. So they end up standing in the open.

Kelly Turn 3 – Kelly moves the termies up to support his squad thats locked in with my dread. Kelly takes pot shots with lascannons at razorbacks, blowing up the bolterback and stunning the asscanback again. His squad double taps the scouts, but only kills 1. Termies assault my dread, but only Lysander gets in base to base. Lysander slaps the dread around blowing off both arms, but locking us in. Which sucks for me. His dread and my squad slap some more, I’m down to the wulfen, meltagun, and fist.

My Turn 3 – Scouts move up and bolt pistol+meltagun the squad with the grot. My bolterback squad moves out of crater to assist the dread, thinking I can at least maybe tie up the termies for 1 more round. My missiles fire at random targets, doing a few wounds which are saved. Scouts assault in and wipe the squad with the grot. My other squad assaults into the termies and the dread kills all but the last guy in the original squad he was fighting. His termies kill 4 guys, and blow up the dread making me take 6 fearless wounds, cause his sargent sweeps me. I roll 3 saves for each guy, failing 1 per guy. Math was right, but I was still sad. My LasBack Squad gets out and assaults a near by grot, winning.

Kelly Turn 4 – Termies move up towards the Lasback squad. His razorback and squads all fire on my scouts, taking them down to 2 guys. Termies assault my Squad and my AssCanBack, blowing up the Razorback and only killing 1 guy. My attacks back kill 1 so we tie combat. Powerfist finally kills the Ironclad, blowing it up, and killing himself in the process.  All I have left of that squad is a wulfen at this point. I consolidate over towards a grot and start playing for turn 5. Kelly assaults a grot with a combat squad in the back and takes it, moving his guys trying to get out of LoS of my Missiles but failing.

My turn 4 – My missiles fire at guys in the back killing 2 or 3 thanks to decent saves by Kelly. All he has left on the squad with the grot is one guy. My scouts roll horribly for difficult terrain so they opt to stick it out in cover. I assault the Grot and punk it, consolidating as far away from the termies as I can. Termies kill my squad, but all he has left is a Lightning Claw guy and Lysander with 3 wounds.

Grots Turn 5 – So one thing I have been skipping is the grots move around and shoot each turn, as well as if you roll a 6 while holding one, they pop out and hit you with str 6 power weapon. Its a fun little rule, but hasn’t made much difference so far. Except on this turn, the grot escapes and kills my wulfen, leaving me with nothing to assault or really hold grots any more.

Kelly turn 5 – Kelly splits the termies, sending each after a grot and goes to ground in the back. Takes a few potshots with stuff but doesnt do much. The Kelly fails the assault with the lightning claw grot and ties combat, Lysander wins pretty handily though.

My Turn 5 – I missile the shit outta lysander, and do nothing. At this point I’m pretty much screwed, none of my missiles can see the powear armor guy in the back and the Lysander wont die.

We roll, and game continues. I figure if I get lucky I can take him down to 1 grot and make it a much smaller win on his part.

Kelly Turn 6 – He wins the assault with the grot and takes a few pot shots at long fangs.

My Turn 6 – Nothing.

Kelly wins a 15-0 over me. Game was a ton of fun. I’m not really disappointed at all in the army. It managed to neutralize 70% of his force and if the cav had lived, I could easily see myself winning. Props to kelly for playing it well and making all the right moves at the right time.

Next week, its all about the fast stuff. Apparently Cavalry become scoring….Time to build more thunderwolves!

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