40k League – Game 3 vs Nids

January 27th, 2011

So last night was the 3rd week in my 40k league at Game Empire. I want to give a big shout out to Shane for coming up with the league and being patient and understanding with players that don’t read or keep up with his rules and scenarios. Even if he is in the middle of moving his army, he won’t hesitate to answer a question, he also has the ability to not sound flustered by stupid questions. So, with that we continue to the bat-rep.

My opponent was one I had played before. Good guy, his name was Dave and he brought his Nids.

His list (What I remember at least):

  • Hive Tyrant – Wings, Old Adversary, Lash Whip, Bone Sword, Paroxsysm(SP?)
  • Hive Tyrant – Wings, Hive Commander, Scything Talons x2
  • 3 Zoes in a Sport Pod
  • 6(?) Ymgrrl Genestealers
  • 6 Genestealers + a Broodlord (no upgrades)
  • 6 Genestealers (no upgrades)
  • 6 Genestealers (no upgrades)
  • 10(?) Gargoyles – Poison, furious charge
  • 20 hormagaunts – poison, furious charge
  • Deathleaper
  • Trygon
  • Harpy

My list was similar to last weeks. I had so much fun with Arjac that I brought him again.

  • Wolf Lord – Frostblade, Mount, Stormshield, Wolftooth Necklace, Runic Armor, Saga of Majesty
  • Wolf Lord – Wolfclaw, Mount, Stormshield, Saga of the Beastslayer, Runic Armor
  • Dreadnaught – Multi-Melta, Heavy Flamer – Drop Pod
  • Dreadnaught – Multi-Melta, Heavy Flamer – Drop Pod
  • Arjac, Dual WC Termie, TH+SS Termi, SB+PW Termie, 3 Powerfist+Combi Melta Wolfguard
  • 5 Grey Hunters- Banner, Melta, Standard, TL Assault Cannon Back
  • 5 Grey Hunters – Banner, Melta, Standard, TL Heavy Bolter Back
  • 5 Grey Hunters – Banner, Melta, Standard, TL Heavy bolter Back
  • Land Speeder – Multi-Melta
  • 2 Thunderwolf Cav – 2 Stormshields, Powerfist

My list is super anti-mech, and I drew a big bug list. Not my best matchup and I knew the Wolflords would have to bring it home really. He wins the choice to go first and elects to let me go first. Game is 3 objectives. At the end of each game turn, the objectives are worth 1 point each, except for the objective in your opponents deployment. If you control that objective, you score 2 points. So 4 points total a round. You get to place the objective in your opponents deployment zone.  I put his objective out in the middle of open terrain, and he placed mine up on a hill to my left. Middle objective went right in the middle of the board in a big piece of ruins. I shouuld note at this point that his entire army is scoring, as is mine, minus the vehicles and ICs.

My deployment was pretty standard. With 3 drop pods I knew I could contest any objective I needed to, so I threw a Bolterback on my objective, a bolterback to my right, and my AssBack in the middle. Cav went just to the right of the middle, and the speeder went behind the bolterback on my right.

His deployment was interesting. He deployed the Harpy in front of the 2 Tyrants, behind a line of gargoyles for a ton of cover, put his gaunts in a building to his left right across from the cav and then infiltrated all 3 genestealer squads. 2 got within 12 by being out of line of sight. 3rd squad was half in, half out right at the 18″ mark, to my left. All 3 squads where threatening the middle and I knew a big fight was gonna go down there. His Trygon was all the way to his right almost and headed straight for my objective. He chose not to steal and off we went.

My turn 1 – I drive my assault cannon back 12 into the ruins to capture the middle objective poping smoke. I also move the speeder 12 into the terrain and roll 1, immobilizing it, but it is contesting. The Cav move forward a bit, my bolter back on my right jockeys about 4 inches to the left to take shots at the gaunts, killing 1. I drop my pod with Arjac right on his objective. My dread should have been right next to it, but it drifted back 11 inches and ended closer to mine then his. Both Ajrac and the Dread roll 1s for shooting. My bolterback on my left doesnt move and takes shots at gargoyles, killing 1. The cav move forward like an inch in the run and I pass.

His turn 1 – He assaults the middle assback and the immobile speeder, wrecking the speeder and doing nothing to the back. Moves the army forward a bit. Paroxsysm(sp?) hits Arjac”s squad and I’m reminded how much I wish he had a wolftail Talisman. He assaults Arjac with the Gargoyles and the gaunts, wiping the squad before the gargoyles even get to go, and assaults the pod with the Harpy, blowing it up. His other tyrant moves towards my objective and he passes the turn. Score is 1 to 1 at this point, with him scoring his and me scoring mine with us both contesting the center.

My turn 2 – I move the cav forward. I tank shock 3 squads with my assault cannon back. The special rules for this league cause his squads to each take d3 str 6 hits, this kills 1 stealer and 2 gargoyles. My assault back is now near his objective and puts 3 wounds on the harpy. I move my bolter back 12 into contest the center objective. I attempt to move my other back like 2″ just so it would have moved and it immobilizes itself. And fails to put the remaining wound on the harpy. My other dread doesnt come in. The cav run and get into position to multi-assault the stealers and gaunts. During the assualt my Claw Lord takes 2 wounds on the 2 up armor (Out of like 4), both squad members take a wound, and the other lord takes one. I then retaliate and slay all but the Broodlord and like 5 gaunts, including fearless. I also assualt my dread into his other genestealers that assaulted my drop pod last turn and pulled down its stormbolter.

His turn 2 – He has Hive Commander, so I’m expecting to see both of his reserves this turn. His rolls are a 1, a 2, and a 4 for his ymgrrls. I was a bit sad to see them, but they showed up exactly where I expected them, on the center objective. His ymgrrls assult my razorback and do nothing. He brings his 3rd squad of stealers into the assault with the cav. Assaults the Trygon and Hive Tyrant into my drop pod near my objective, and his stealers hit and run from my Dread to consolidate within 3 of my objective to stop me scoring. In the assault, I wipe everything that is on the cav, finishing with just the broodlord left alive and him needing 8 fearless saves. He fails what he needs and the cav have eliminated a huge chunk of his army. His other hive tyrant assults my asscannon back and blows it up, leaving my guys in a crater and wasting some more of his gargoyles, leaving just 1.

My turn 3 – My dread comes in. I use the drop pod to tank shock his stealers on the objective, killing 1. Dread positions to flame the others. Guys in my middle back get out, and my other dread that hit and run, moves up 6 to eat some Ymgrrls. I double tap and flame and kill a few ymgrrls. Dread assualts in and finishes off the squad, consolidating to contest the center. My cav assault the hive tyrant and eat it, the wolfclaw lord getting  upset for being picked on by Deathleaper (-2 leadership), and for all he failed wound rolls. He decides to do the job he was designed for, and puts 3 wounds on the Tyrant killing it. I consolidate the cav to within 3 of the center to score. I assult his Trygon with my dread, hoping to just hold it up for a turn, forgetting that he can just hit and run, which he does after immobilizing it and ripping off both arms….

His turn 3 – With his Hive commander still alive, he needs anything but a 1 for his remaining reserves to come in. Both roll 1s. I am amazed and thankful as I don’t know what I would do about them at this point. He blows up my bolterback with his trygon, and jumps his Harpy into contest. His gargoyle makes its leadership and jumps over to contest his objective, and fails at shooting. His remaing tyrant jumps into my squad killing 4, but taking a few wounds. He hit and runs it out, leaving my powerfist and wulfen still alive, but paroxsysmed. Score is still 1 to 1….

My Turn 4 – My Clawlord breaks to make a run at the trygon, getting within about 14″ after a 6 inch run. My squad blows the remaining gargoyle to bits. My other squad puts 2 wounds on the trygon with meltaguns. My dread kills the harpy with shooting. My drop pod kills the remaiing tyrant with its stormbolter (GO GO STORMBOLTER). At this point, I control his objective and the center, with his Trygon contesting mine.

His Turn 4 – His Hive Commander is dead, so he still needs anything but 1s for his reserves, this time he rolls the anything. The zoes drop down and contest his objective with the pod and the zoes. And Deathleaper pops up shooting my marines and killing the wulfen. The Zoes put 5 wounds on 3 remaining guys that go to ground for 3+ cover. I fail exactly 3 saves, one per guy and lose the squad.  His trygon sweeps in and eats all but my fist, who puts a wound on him and then dies to fearless wounds. At the end of his turn, he is scoring his objective, I am contesting mine with the drop pod, and I am scoring the center objective because Deathleaper is just barely outside of 3 inches. So score is now 2 to 2…

My turn 5 – I assault my Frostblade lord into his trygon, eatting it. I assault the claw lord into his Zoes, dealing 5 wounds, killing 2.5. My dread multi-meltas the spore pod, killing it. And I assault into Deathleaper with my remaining fist, but he dies due to 1 rending wound.

His turn 5 – The only place I have scoring units in on the center objective, and all he has left is Deathleaper and a single Zoe, with a single wound. Deathleaper moves to contest the center for the tie, shooting cav and killing 1, forcing them to fall back 11 inches. He is now scoring the center and I have nothing. Claw lord kills remaining Zoe this turn. Score is now 3 to 2 him.

He elects to allow me to roll to see if the game continues and I roll a 3. Thank god!

My turn 6 – Cav fist auto rallies and moves to contesting range. Dread and Frostblade lord move to kill deathleaper, killing him in assault. I win the game due to tabling. At the end of the game, I have both lords, both dreads, 1 drop pod, 1 cav, and a razorback alive.

Game was long and hard. Started at 6:30 and didn’t end till close to 10:15. Overall, I’m super excited about the fact that the army seems to be succeeding without the 15 missiles, but I can see where they would continue to help me. I may keep messing with Arjac as he scores and for mech armies could be a complete nightmare. Also, having 2 scary units is kinda entertaining. Although I am thinking about dropping Arjac and taking a runepriest in terminator armor to go with some terminator wolf guard. We will have to see.

40k League, game 2

January 22nd, 2011

Ok, so last Wednesday night I show up to the store and I’m zonked out. I draw Chaos Marines. I ended up having to write a new list cause the one I printed at work, got left at work.

So I’m sitting there staring at my box of stuff, trying to figure out what to take. I knew the game made anything in a transport scoring. So I start flipping around, and I see all my termies and I decided, i’m gonna take Arjac and 4 termies in a pod.


  1. Wolf Lord – Mount, Frostblade, Stormshield, Wolftooth Necklace
  2. Wolf Lord – Mount, Wolfclaw, Stormshield, Saga of the Beast Slayer, Meltabomb
  3. Dreadnaught – Multi-Melta, Heavy Flamer in a Pod
  4. 8 Wolf Guard – 4 Termies (with 1 TH+SS, 2 dual claw, 1 H.Flamer + Chainfist), Arjac, 3 Power Armor (3x Powerfist + Combi-Melta) and a Drop Pod for the Termies.
  5. 5 Grey Hunters – Meltagun, Wulfen, Banner in a TL AssCannon Razorback
  6. 5 Grey Hunters – Meltagun, Wulfen, Banner in a TL H. Bolter Razorback
  7. 5 Grey Hunters – Meltagun, Wulfen, Banner in a TL H. Bolter Razorback
  8. 2 T-Cav – Powerfist, 2x Stormshields
  9. 2 Land Speeders with Multi-Melta

His List

  1. Tzeentch Prince – Wings, Warptime, Gift, Tzeentch Mark
  2. Khorne Lord – Wings, MoKhorne, Daemon Weapon
  3. 10 CSM in a Rhino, Double Plasma, Fist
  4. 10 CSM in a Rhino, Double Plasma, Fist
  5. Dreadnaught – Autocannon
  6. 2 Defilers
  7. 2 4 man bike squads
  8. 6 Raptors – No mark, champ, fist or weapon
  9. TL Las Pred with Las Sponsons

Game objective is to get more scoring (Mobile) units into your opponents deployment zone. Deployment was pitched. Mobile units are anything that has been in a dedicated transport, can move 12 in any phase of the game, and some other random stuff. So, all of my army is scoring, Except the 2 lords cause ICs cant score.

He goes first and sets it all up on his left hand side. I set up my Cav and  the Assault cannon back on my right across from 80% of his army, and my other 2 razorbacks start off way to my left so they can jump across the table and still fire off those 36″ guns.

His turn 1. He immoblizes a BolterBack, and puts 1 wound on the Cav. His Prince and his Raptors move toward my Bolter Backs  and everything else kinda moves up.

My Turn 1. I move my undamaged bolterback up 12, my guys pile out of the immobilized one and scoot towards his deployment. My wolves move up for a turn 1 assault. My asscannonback fails. Arjac Drops in and smashes a battlecannon from a defiler (Btw Arjac dropped into scoring range). My cav assault a squad of bikes and a rhino that moved 12. Fist makes it so Rhino cant move or shoot and my lords wipe the bikes before they get to go.

His turn 2. He Assaults the dread into the cav. The defiler into Arjac. Blows the assault cannons off my razorback, and moves his prince and jump troops closer to my bolterbacks. My fist pops the rhino this time, my lords fail to do anything to the dread. Dread kills my Regular Wolf. I use one of the special rules of the league and use hti and run on my cav to bounce them out. They fall back like 12 inches and I spread them a bit. Arjac Smacks the defiler getting 2 exploded results and conolidates closer to the other defiler.

My turn 2. I split the cav, sending the w.claw lord who only has 1 wound left over to deal with a squad of bikes. I send my other lord and the fist to deal with the raptors. My asscannonback runs up 12 and pops smoke. My bolter back that can still move runs 12 and shoots the prince, putting a wound on it. My guys move a bit more. I assault the bikes and the Raptors. I put my lord on the raptors and my fist on his lord. His lord rolls a 6 and a 1 for the daemon weapon, but makes this safe. My lord kills 5 raptors leaving just the champ and the lord, my fist instagibs the lord and he fails his leadership -8 roll, and I sweep. I move the cav closer to his prince hoping he will assault them. My other lord eats the bikers and consolidates closer to his other stuff. Arjacs squad assaults the defiler, but can only get Lightning claw guys into him. He puts 2 wounds but Arjac and the other TH+SS termie tank it.

His turn 3. He moves the prince closer to my running squad, moves the dread up, moves a rhino up 12. He fails the assault with the prince and his dread runs cause he thought it was scoring.

My turn 3. I shoot the prince to death with h.bolter rounds after running the cav closer to him (Lesson learned, shoot first, run 2nd.) Arjac eats the defiler in assault. My 2nd lord with the claw hits the pred and pops it with a meltabomb.

His turn 4. He moves the dread up again, moves the rhino into scoring. Shoots me a bit. Nothing really happens.

MY turn 4. I drop my dread in next to his dread and the rhino move a speeder over to pop one of them. The all 3 cav head towards the units and the rest of my army moves into scoring distance. I pop the dread with the land speeder, pop the rhino with my dread and assault the contents with my lords and fist. I wipe the squad and conoslidate back towards him. He has a 10 man squad hiding in a building on the second floor.

His turn 5. He shoots me. Kills the Wolfclaw lord.

My turn 5. I run everything into scoring.

I win the game 7 to 0, only failing to get an HQ into scoring (Mostly cause I forgot about it. Remember the mission folks.)

Ironman and Throne of Skulls

January 17th, 2011

So, I’m sure I’ll talk about this a bit on the podcast tonight butm as fara as I know, no one is reading this. So I figured I would drop a few things in here and you can all take a minute to come check it out.

So, onto the tourney. Silas and I drove out friday night and climbed into bed pretty late due to the long drive and him not getting off work till late. So we just dropped off and set teh alarm for 6:30 the next morning. One of the things Silas and I have learned is that games during the day are A LOT more fun if you can relax and enjoy them. Things that do not help you relax and enjoy games are hangovers, hunger pains, and sleep deprivation. So while it may sound lame to be in Vegas on a Friday night and just go to sleep, it meant Saturday would be a lot more fun.

After waking up and grabbing some breakfast, we headed over to find the church the tournament was being held at. It turned out to be a really decent spot. Although it was a bit odd to look over and see a huge stained glass cross to my right all day. The tourney got started a bit latish, not too bad. So I walked up to my first table and stared out at a really well painted and converted Salamanders army. I completely forgot the names of 75% of my opponents, so I hope that if they read this they forgive me.

The Salamanders guy had Vulkan, 7 TH+SS Termies, 5 scouts, 2 Tac Squads, 2 Razorbacks with TL Lascannons, and 2 attack bikes that he squaded up. Deployment Dawn of War, and game was annihilation. The game was tight, but he ended up with a bunch of kill points because I threw my dreads and a few other things at his Termies to slow them down, hoping I could waste the rest of his force with my squads. I ended up rolling bad at the wrong times and losing a lord to a tac squad, which he didnt kill. And even though I focused fire on his scouts a few rounds, he made a huge number of saves for them. Also, both DDMs failed to blow up the land raider, only immobilizing it. The game ended up a tie, and my opponent was great fun.

So, I pulled a tie in a 4 game format, and knew that this pretty much pulled me out of the top place winners. Although with a true throne of skulls game, I could have still pulled it out. Looking at the player pack, I was a bit worried. I had 2 troops choices and my next two games each had 5 objectives.

Game 2, I drew a Chaos Marines Player. He had a Nurgle marked Daemon prince with wings and warptime, a 10 man devastator squad with 4 missiles, 2 10 man CSM squads with las cannons and plasma guns, and a land raider full of khorne berserks with a powerfist and a khorne lore with a daemon weapon in terminator armor.  I spaced 2 of my objectives right next to each other (or as close as Icould) and he placed his two objectives in cover on his side of the board. Deployment was Spearhead. I think he went first, but I can’t remember if Iwon the roll and forced him to, or if he won the roll. He placed everything on the board except the Land Raider full of zerkers. So, turn 1 I dropped 1 DDM and the empty pod. Both directly on top of his objectives. He managed to rip apart my DDM with his prince, which i totally expected. But a bad consolodate roll put his prince in charge range of the lords turn 2. I charged the lords in, but could only hit with 1. I put 2 wounds on him, of which he saved both. my long fangs where kind of badly positioned, as I was expecting him to come forward a bit more. I’m used to playing much more aggressive CSM armies, not something that is going to sit back and shoot me. So I think I took 1 or 2 wounds to my lord in CC with his prince. Warptime is just too good to pass up. But I knew I had a good chance at him in his turn, with both lords and the fist consolodating into him. On his turn, he assaulted one of his CSM squads into my fist, smartly keeping both of my lords off. His shoot was pretty ineffective, as I was hiding well. My lords put a few wounds on him, which he saved all but 2 of. His attacks back killed my first lord and a fenrisian wolf, and the squad put 1 wound on the fist. My fist failed to hit the prince and combat was a push. His raider failed to come in, and again his shoot didn’t do much. My shooting was decent, with my missiles taking 3 guys out of his squad in cover on the objective, and my 2nd DDM came in. I dropped it right next to my objective closest to his board edge and kept the dread behind it for cover. Turn 4, he puts 1 wound on my lord with the prince and kills the fist with the squad, my lord throws attacks at the squad and fails horribly. He needed rerolled 3s to hit and 3s to wound, I got 0. His turn, the raider doesnt come on again, and his shooting is agian lackluster, although by this point he has blown up 1 drop pod. In close combat, my lord doesnt kill enough of the squad and them plus the prince kill me as I cant make 2+/3++. His squad consolodates into cover near his objective and his lord moves a bit. My turn I move things around and try and wipe out his squad on the objective. Finally doing so. Next round his raider comes on and he charges it on 12 and pops smoke. He also assaults my 2nd pod with his prince and rips it apart. At this point he has immobilized or destroyed both of my razorbacks and the squads get out and run for objectives with this being the last turn maybe. My dread moves to the side for a shot at the land raider, hoping to expode it and force him to make difficult terrain rolls. He makes the cover save and my squads run getting close to the objectives on my side. I shoot at more stuff and dont do a hell of a lot, maybe killing the prince, not sure. On his turn, he moves the raider forwards 11ish inches and disgorges everyone, hoping to charge past my dread and kill the squad. Problem is, he leads with the termy lord who can’t make it through the gap between the impassable terrain and my dread, so he combi-meltas the dread, blowing it up. No assaults, so I move everything onto objectives and we roll to see if the game ends. Which it does. We check our objectives. He has the center one by being in base to base with the impassable terrain, and his other squad is 0.25 inches away because you measure form the center of objectives for distance. I think he didn’t read this rule in the players pack and it just slammed home the notion to me to read everything multiple times. I held both of my 2 objectives and win 2 to 1. Didn’t think I would be able to pull that off!

Game 3 I draw  Tau and at first think YES! Then I start to read his list, 3 squads of suits, 3 squads of broadsides, 3 kroot squads and a firewarriors squad, no vehicles, and lots of terrain….shit. So I made a bad decision here and chose to go 2nd, and deployed everything out. He took a ton of shots at me, and I committed too heavily to 1 side, watching his suits jump over. All in all, this was my hardest game of which I remember the least. What it came down to, was he was stretched betweenn 2 objectives with a Kroot squad that was being covered by a suit squad and I had 1 objective. My heavy bolter from my razorback managed to force the leadership, and he failed. THis caused him to fall back off of his 2nd objective and got me the tie.

Game 4 was DE. This is the third tournament in a row I have pulled DE. Rare my ass. So his list was an Archon with agonizer and shadowfield, some incubi in a raider, 9 bloodbrides in a raider with a haemonculai, 10 wracks in a raider, 10 warriors in a raider with a dark lance, 20 warriors with venom cannons, a cronos pain engine, and 2 ravagers. Deployment in this game ws the weird triangle deployment where you draw a line down the center and then split off 12 inches on either side. Its a fun one. So I deployed, missiles all set to lay waste, wolves out front. He deploys all in reserve. I should have seen it come, its the same thing Silas does to me. But I missed it and paid for it. So my wolves run forward and everything else stands still. I drop a pod in my far left corner to save the kill point and I drop 1 dread next to some stuff so I can hide if he comes on in a certain place. My turn 2, my pod doesnt come in (YES!), and I move the wolves further to my left. His turn 2, he rolls and gets everything except a ravager and his blob squad (NO!). I was hoping he would peice meal a lot more, but the gods where against me. He boosts his raiders with the lord and incubi, the bloodbrides, and the wracks forward, his warriors move on to let the raider and the ravager take pot shos at the visible dread. Not much happens on his turn. On my turn, I unlease the long fangs and start blasting av 10 from the skies. I drop his blood brides, his incubi, and make his ravager not able to shoot. The bloodbrides fail pinning and I feel like I’m back in this game. I start running my lords back over but they had been pretty far away and my run rolls are atrocious. I move a 5 man squad up to double tap the incubi, hoping that with 3s and 3s, I can do some wounds, but I only kill 1, melta failed to hit. His turn, his archon failes to wipe my squad, which makes me really sad. His warriors and ravager come on, and he takes a few shots. Oh, and his wracks assault my middle long fangs squad. I bring my other 5 man squad in to help the long fangs, my lords split, move, and run short again. A roll of 4 for any of my 3 run rolls would have put one in CC, but I just couldnt get it. My dread comes in and kills a raider or ravager, I forget. The game goes on with him wiping 2 long fangs squads, both warrior squads and a dread. I end up tank shocking the wracks, who fail their leadership, but i still assault them just to make sure. Wiping them with a dread and a lord. My fist goes after the ravager, but gets 0 hits. My other lord wipes out the last of his small warrior squad and heads towrds his big squad. At this point, its his turn and turn 5. He pours all his fire from the warrior squad on my lord, and I make all my 2 ups. If I had failed one, he wuold have died. The cronos starts flaming and templating the dread to try and put a wound on the lord, and fails. Then the Cronos assaults the dread and cant kill it. Game ends with me up 7 to 5.

I go 2 – 0 – 2. Undefeated bitches!

Great event, great opponents. Shout out to the Chosen who play at The Realm in OC.

League Game – Week 1 (Space Wolves)

January 13th, 2011

So, one of the Local Game Stores runs a league that plays every Wednesday. The league scores on battle points, painting, sports, and conversions. All in all the games there are always fun, opponents are great to play with and always challenging. The fun part with the league is that they use a ton of crazy rules to make the games interesting. Since I’m not sure big on trying to win every game or such and view the leauge as my fun play, the crazy missions and funky rules don’t bug me much.

Since I finally got my 1500 point wolves list painted, based, and ready, I decided to take my wolves. This will also give me incentive to finish the whole army out.

My List (2k Wolves)

  • Wolf Lord – Mount, Frostblade, Stormshield, Wolftooth Necklace, Runic Armor, Wolftail Talisman = 235
  • Wolf Lord – Mount, Wolfclaw, Sotmrshield, Saga of the Beastslayer, Runic Armor, Meltabomb = 230
  • 5 Wolf Scouts – Meltagun, Mark of the Wulfen = 100
  • Dreadnaught – Multi-Melta, Heavy Flamer in a Drop Pod = 150
  • 4 Wolf Guard – 4x Powerfist + Combi-Melta = 172
  • 5 Grey Hunters – Meltagun, Mark of the Wulfen, Banner in a Razorback w/ TL Heavy Bolter = 145
  • 5 Grey Hunters – Meltagun, Mark of the Wulfen, Banner in a Razorback w/ TL Lascannon = 180
  • 5 Grey Hunters – Meltagun, Mark of the Wulfen, Banner in a Razorback w/ TL Assault Cannon = 180
  • 2 Thunderwolf Cavalry – Powerfist, 2 Stormshield = 185
  • 6 Long Fangs – 5 Missile Launchers = 140
  • 6 Long Fangs – 5 Missile Launchers = 140
  • 6 Long Fangs – 5 Missile Launchers = 140

So pretty close to my list I took to NeonCon. Trying out a dual lord approach, drops the amount of wounds in the cav, but ups the killy. And it lets me split them if I need to.

So, I draw Kelly for my first game of the League. Kelly is a very good Vanilla Marines player. He brings a really decent list thats gonna be hard for me to take out.

  • Lysander
  • 5 TH + SS Termies
  • Ironclad in a Pod
  • Dreadnaught
  • Tac Squad with Lascannon, Meltagun, Combi-Melta with TL Bolter Razorback
  • Tac Squad with Lascannon, Meltagun, Combi-Melta with TL Bolter Razorback
  • Land Speeder with Double Heavy Bolters
  • Vindicator
  • Vindicator
  • Land Raider

I don’t think I missed anything, if I did, hopefully Kelly will comment on this.

So I win the roll to go first and decide that since the game is sort of like an objective mission, I’ll go second. The game is “Capture the Grots”, its an interesting conecpt with 5 Grots that are suped up and scatter around the board. To capture a grot you have to assault it. They got on init 10, and have powerweapons, but only 2 attacks and ws 2. They also have a str 4 ap 5(or 6) gun that shoots at the closest enemy. All kind of hijinks ensue. The game doesn’t use any of the special rules for the league so its just a fun game.

Kelly sets up everything in a line 12″ on. His squads split up and his heavy weapons go up a few floors on some Cities of Death Terrain. It looks pretty standard, he hides his Dread behind a building and puts the Land Raider center.  I put my Long Fangs out, hiding on 3 different floors of the buildings in my deployment zone, so I don’t have to stress the Vindis going off on the squad, The cav Line up center of the board with a 2 inch spread so I won’t lose the squad to both vindis, and my razors cluster around some terrain, with the Lascannon back hiding behind the assault cannon back. I attempt to steal and fail. No worries though.

Round 1 is pretty slow for Kelly, he drops the Ironclad in and stuns the AssCanBack. Fires a lascannon at my BolterBack and immobilizes it, and fires another lascannon at the lascannon back and immobilizes it. Vindi 1 fires at the cav and drifts, only hitting one. Kelly rolls the 1 to wound so safe for another turn. I think he also kills a long fang or two this turn. Kelly also assaults and picks up a Grot, consoldating back towards his razorback on the right.

My Round 1 is pretty funny, I drop my dread next to the land Raider and whiff, my cav Move up, my lascannon back fires at land raider, fails to pen, missiles on one side, blow the speeder to bits, missiles on the other side blow off a vindicator cannon ( i think), 3rd set of missiles takes out the walking dread. I fire melta + combi-melta into the rear armor of the Ironclad, get 1 hit, 1 pen and blow off an arm. AssCanBack pops smoke. I decide to push the game and assault the raider with the wolves and the Ironclad with my squad.  The cav fist wrecks the Raider and the squad and dread start a slapfest.

Kelly’s Turn 2 – Vindicator on the right moves to get a shot at the cav, terminators move forward in terrain a bit to get a better assault on the cav, Razorback dumps a squad which fails to melta my Dread3. Vindi on the left moves up to stormbolter my long fangs, and here is where the game gets interesting. Vindicator fires shot on the long fangs, hits and wounds 1. I take the save on my normal guy and fail the 3+ so he goes down to ID. Cav rolls an 11 for Ld and falls back 14 inches. Board edge was about 15.5 inches from where I started. Termies are out of position, rest of his army takes pot shots and not much else happens. Dread and squad slap some more. Squad with the Grot hops in razorback on my right.

My turn 2 – So I check the cav and they are 5.75″ away from the drop pod. So 570 points of my army falls off the board, after only wrecking 250 points of his. My scouts come on, and move up behind his squad in his razorback with the grot. My dread flames and assaults the squad that tried to kill him, whiffing combat but killing 1 with flame. Missiles go off, taking out the Vindi on my right, rest of my army pours into the termies and I do 1 wound to Lysander. (I realize I really need to find some AP2 for this list. And now, all of a sudden, I want plasmacannon razorbacks. Maybe when DA comes?) My squad and his Ironclad slap some more, Wulfen takes the 2nd fist away though. My scouts blow up the razor in the back with the grot, but I forget to assault. So they end up standing in the open.

Kelly Turn 3 – Kelly moves the termies up to support his squad thats locked in with my dread. Kelly takes pot shots with lascannons at razorbacks, blowing up the bolterback and stunning the asscanback again. His squad double taps the scouts, but only kills 1. Termies assault my dread, but only Lysander gets in base to base. Lysander slaps the dread around blowing off both arms, but locking us in. Which sucks for me. His dread and my squad slap some more, I’m down to the wulfen, meltagun, and fist.

My Turn 3 – Scouts move up and bolt pistol+meltagun the squad with the grot. My bolterback squad moves out of crater to assist the dread, thinking I can at least maybe tie up the termies for 1 more round. My missiles fire at random targets, doing a few wounds which are saved. Scouts assault in and wipe the squad with the grot. My other squad assaults into the termies and the dread kills all but the last guy in the original squad he was fighting. His termies kill 4 guys, and blow up the dread making me take 6 fearless wounds, cause his sargent sweeps me. I roll 3 saves for each guy, failing 1 per guy. Math was right, but I was still sad. My LasBack Squad gets out and assaults a near by grot, winning.

Kelly Turn 4 – Termies move up towards the Lasback squad. His razorback and squads all fire on my scouts, taking them down to 2 guys. Termies assault my Squad and my AssCanBack, blowing up the Razorback and only killing 1 guy. My attacks back kill 1 so we tie combat. Powerfist finally kills the Ironclad, blowing it up, and killing himself in the process.  All I have left of that squad is a wulfen at this point. I consolidate over towards a grot and start playing for turn 5. Kelly assaults a grot with a combat squad in the back and takes it, moving his guys trying to get out of LoS of my Missiles but failing.

My turn 4 – My missiles fire at guys in the back killing 2 or 3 thanks to decent saves by Kelly. All he has left on the squad with the grot is one guy. My scouts roll horribly for difficult terrain so they opt to stick it out in cover. I assault the Grot and punk it, consolidating as far away from the termies as I can. Termies kill my squad, but all he has left is a Lightning Claw guy and Lysander with 3 wounds.

Grots Turn 5 – So one thing I have been skipping is the grots move around and shoot each turn, as well as if you roll a 6 while holding one, they pop out and hit you with str 6 power weapon. Its a fun little rule, but hasn’t made much difference so far. Except on this turn, the grot escapes and kills my wulfen, leaving me with nothing to assault or really hold grots any more.

Kelly turn 5 – Kelly splits the termies, sending each after a grot and goes to ground in the back. Takes a few potshots with stuff but doesnt do much. The Kelly fails the assault with the lightning claw grot and ties combat, Lysander wins pretty handily though.

My Turn 5 – I missile the shit outta lysander, and do nothing. At this point I’m pretty much screwed, none of my missiles can see the powear armor guy in the back and the Lysander wont die.

We roll, and game continues. I figure if I get lucky I can take him down to 1 grot and make it a much smaller win on his part.

Kelly Turn 6 – He wins the assault with the grot and takes a few pot shots at long fangs.

My Turn 6 – Nothing.

Kelly wins a 15-0 over me. Game was a ton of fun. I’m not really disappointed at all in the army. It managed to neutralize 70% of his force and if the cav had lived, I could easily see myself winning. Props to kelly for playing it well and making all the right moves at the right time.

Next week, its all about the fast stuff. Apparently Cavalry become scoring….Time to build more thunderwolves!

BLAG! I mean Blog!

January 13th, 2011

Hey guys!

It looks like I have joined the ranks of those with so much time on their hands that they need to espouse their awesomeness over text as well as speech….

Or I was just jealous of Bill, one of the two.

So this is gonna be where I talk about all kinds of things hobby related. Mostly, I’m gonna talk about what I’ve been up to and we will have work in progress updates on my Daemons as well as the painting and such that I have been doing on my Wolves/Marines/BA/BT/whatever.  I’ve been doing a lot of things hobby related lately. I started off this week by spending most of friday night working on my Wolves for the upcoming Ironman Las Vegas. I had recently converted up another Model to count as a 2nd Lord on a mount. This one is using the Wolfclaw and Stormshield. So he needed to get painted and as I was on a time crunch, I figured I would just give it a shot instead of having Wacom do it again. So I spent a while working on him, I also needed a 2nd Dreadnaught and 2 more drop pods, and another set of heavy bolters for my Razorbacks. So I started working on all of those.

Wait, I need to backtrack here. Over the last two weeks all of my daemon models had come in. The night this happened I was so damned excited I ripped it all open and started working on things (even knowing I had a ton of work to get ready for Ironman). So I built one of the new Daemon Prince models (SUCH a great kit, tons of bits, nice extra peices, lots of options), and got about 70% of my Soul Grinder done. The best part of this is that neither of those two models will be part of my early lists for the Escalation leauge, they just looked like the most fun to work on.

Usually when I’m painting or modeling, I sit in front of the TV on the ground and just have a box in front of me. This has turned out badly in the past (roommate is not happy about the spilled wash on his throw rug), and I got a new Halogen Lit Tabletop Magnifying Glass for Christmas, so I decided to make myself a workspace. I cleared off a bunch of space around my computer monitor and set up my paints and such there. I have found that this has increased my willingness to paint by 100 fold. I wouldn’t say that its the most enjoyable part of the hobby for me, or that I’ll give up playing to just paint stuff, but its kinda fun to see things develop as you work.

So, with my new workstation, and a bunch of things that needed to be done, I got to work. I started and finished the Dreadnaught, the Wolf Lord, 2 Fenrisian Wolves, both drop pods, and started working on my objective markers. Once everything got painted, I realized that I needed to take another step I had dreaded and start basing my models. In the past I had prepared for this and bought all the supplies i  would need. So I dug it all out and watched a couple of videos on YouTube.

I wanna speak on this really quick. Having my computer right there to play podcasts, music, tv, and to look up techniques whenever I want them is one of the reasons I think I’m doing so much more hobby work. You know, that and the looming tournament, but I digress. I’ve had people explain everything about painting to me, from how to drybrush, to how to make your own washes, to how to greenstuff effectivly. And while I appreciate all that, I’m big on being walked through something the first time I do it. So, since I was working on basing my models, I loaded up youtube and searched for basing models. I knew I was going to do a PVA and sand base, with a wash over it and maybe a drybrush over that. So I watched a few videos on that style of basing. I know a lot of people recommend watering down the PVA, but I noticed a few of the guys didn’t do that, and since I don’t have a ton of plastic cups and such around, I decided to skip that step. So I started basing everything, or well, everything I was going to use at Ironman, and my Cav. Once I got them based, and dried, I applied a nice Devlin Mud wash over the top of the black sand to seal it and really bring out the depth of the sand. This is all I was originally intending to do at this point.

Knowing that one of the (many) reasons my army has scored badly in painting in the past is because its a very dark color scheme, I decided to see if I could do a fix to that. The BadDice Podcast had done an episode on basing your models a few weeks back, and something they said stuck with me. They recommended painting the edge of your bases a seperate color from the basing material, something to seperate it from the table, and make the army look that much more cohesive. So, realizing that my army is super dark, doesn’t appear that cohesive due to the paint scheme and lack of uniform models, and because of my painting style I immediatly thought of this trick. I decided to paint the edges of the base Mithril Silver, something to tie it a bit more with the DeathWatch Theme. I did a few test peices and was really happy with the result. So I sat down and painted everything that had been based.

Last night, I decided to do a few more small touches to the army while I was seperating out my squads for the League tonight. I washed the treads of all my razorbacks with a thin coat of Devlin Mud to dirty them up a bit. I really wanted to get everything for my 2k list based and edged, but I ended up watching TV a bit too long, so that didn’t happen.

So, pics will be up in next few days (hopefully), and I’ll try and keep this thing up to date. Hope yall liked the first post, more random shit to come.